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TKA developed a proposal for the redevelopment of the historic Kelsey house and Lee Street in downtown Blacksburg. Imagining the Kelsey house restored as a new restaurant, the a new dining terrace would be constructed between the house and Stroubles Creek.  Although the terrace will be held off the street its presence is intended to activate Main Street. In addition to re-purposing and restoring the Kelsey House, TKA designed seven two-story townhouses along Lee and Church Streets. The townhouses introduce more residential opportunities into downtown, enriching the immediate neighborhood as well as the Historic District. Breaking up the massing of their structures, the townhouses step in and out along Lee and Church Street to create more visual interest and reduce the scale of the building. Each unit is further articulated through a gable and a flat room form and its own palate of colors.

TKA worked extensively with the Town of Blacksburg and the Historic Design Review Board to create a compelling project that complimented the towns master plan for Downtown Blacksburg.


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